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Extract and enrich data on the web with Captain Data

Captain Data

Captain Data is built for non-techies, so you don’t need to be a developer or growth hacker to benefit from the power of web data.

You can choose from 100+ multi-tasking workflow templates, single-step automations, 20+ native integrations, and 25+ data sources from Google Maps to LinkedIn.

Configure a workflow in less than two minutes, even if you’re not familiar with automation tools.

Automation templates

With Captain Data, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate with tools you already use like spreadsheets, CRMs, and social networks, thanks to API keys and native connectors.

Synchronize your accounts in one click and use them across different workflows to scale as you grow.

Plus, Captain Data centralizes your team’s accounts for each integration, so anyone on your team can easily set up automations in minutes.

You can also create accounts for people outside your team, without them having access to your Captain Data account!

Automation can be tough when you’re trying to stick to an application’s limit by yourself. With Captain Data, each integration has its own set of limits.

When you launch a workflow, the platform automatically calculates everything for you, even detecting the type of LinkedIn account you’re using to automatically adjust the limits.

With Captain Data, you can extract and enrich data to automate processes like lead generation without any coding experience or nightmarish spreadsheet formulas.